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State Championships (7/03/2017)

For results visit our new carnival website: also have some photos in our Google Photos album:

State Championships (3/03/2017)

For fixture updates and results visit our new carnival website: will also post updates on our Facebook page.

Sportsmanship Award (25/02/2017)

In 2016 Tee-Ball in Western Australia lost George Georgis a wonderful and passionate supporter of our sport at both club and association level. TBAWA felt that it was important to honour his outstanding contribution to the sport and decided to create the George Georgis Memorial Award to be awarded every year at State Championships to the team that demonstrates the best sportsmanship throughout the event. We modelled this award on the very successful 'Ross Jones Shield' given out at the annual North-West Championships using the same criteria.

How does it work: For every game over the first 2 days the plate umpire is given a voting slip to be returned completed with the score sheets. The umpire must allocate 9 points across the 2 teams participating in any split (9-0, 8-1, 7-2, ..., 2-7, 1-8, 0-9) that the umpire feels is appropriate to reflect the sportsmanship displayed by the two teams and their officials during the game. TBAWA will tally the votes, using a count-back system to resolve ties if required, and then announce the winning team at the presentations which will receive a commemorative shield.

State Championship Fixtures Update (22/02/2017)

Just after the close of today's TBAWA Council meeting we became aware that a club made a mistake in their age group nomination for States. They nominated for U/11 but are actually sending an U/12 team. This left us in a difficult position as due to the size of the club they were not able to adjust their playing roster to conform to the U/11 age cut-off. In addition it is a country club which obviously made travel and accommodation arrangements and we felt it would be too harsh to not let the team participate.


We therefore decided to a last minute change of gradings and fixtures. While trying to minimise the impact it still does affect 3 divisions (U/11 B which is now 5 teams - loosing Goldfields to U/11 C), U/11 C (loosing Busselton and gaining Goldfields), U/12 C which is now 6 teams - gaining Busselton). Also the game times for U/11 B and U/12 C on Monday have changed to accommodate the change in size of the divisions and the available diamonds.


Probably the biggest impact is on the Plate Umpire roster due to the flow on affects the above changes have on the automated allocation algorithm.


The revised information is now up on our carnival website:


Please make sure that you use this latest information in your planning and be especially aware of the impact on the Plate Umpire roster. So even if your team(s) are not affected by the above changes your Plate Umpire roster has most likely changed.


TBAWA apologises for these late changes but we did try to make the best out of an unfortunate situation we were put into.


State Championship Diamond Allocations and Umpiring Duties  (05/02/2017)

TBAWA are pleased to advise that Kalamunda has provided an Under 10 team bringing the C division to 6 teams. We have now finalised the allocation of diamonds to divisions and the Umpiring Duties for the IGA State Championships. These are now available on-line from Printable versions of the Umpiring Duties will be released later.

Change of State Championship format for some divisions  (23/01/2017)

The TBAWA Management Committee was faced with the situation that half the divisions participating in the 2017 State Championships not being of the usual size of 6 teams. Any division that is not 6 teams causes fixturing issues with respect to providing a level playing field for all participants.

Last year we changed the 4 team divisions to play 6 games for the that same reason. This seems to have worked fine. This year, out of necessity, we looked into changing the fixturing for the three 5 team divisions (U/9C, U/10C, U/12C) and and the single 7 team division (U/13 B).
For the 7 team division we decided that each team should play 6 games such that each team plays each other once. When looking into the details we found that we had to make the choice between some teams playing 3 games on one of the days or every team playing 2 games each day but some teams not having consecutive games, that is having a roughly 100 minute break between two games. On balance we felt it is safer, given the at times extreme temperatures we had in the past, to limit teams to a maximum of two games a day. Therefore three teams will have a free timeslot between games once over the weekend.
Changing the fixturing for the 5 team divisions turned out to be the harder problem. Playing each other once gives each team only 4 games and playing each other twice would require teams to play 3 games on two of the days which we discarded as an unsafe option. We therefore decided to try the following this year: Each team will play each other once over the first two days. This means, similar to the 7 team division above, that some teams will have a free timeslot between games. The 4 highest ranked teams will play a further game on Monday being 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd. These games are not finals but their results will be added to the ladder of the previous games to produce the final ladder. Unfortunately this means one team misses out on a 5th game. We do acknowledge that this is not an ideal outcome but at least four of the five teams get to play each day for a total of five games which in our opinion is preferable to all teams only playing four games.

On-line Carnival Database Preview  (05/01/2017)

TBAWA has put its carnival databases since the 2003-04 season of State Championships and Lightning Carnivals on-line as a preview at This allows you to view historic nominations, gradings and results, as well as State Championship and Lightning Carnival Honour Boards. Please let us know what you think and what other sort of historic information related to our carnivals you would be interested in.

IGA State Championships Gradings released  (05/01/2017)

Grading Sheet

IGA Community Carnival Rule change  (24/10/2016)

We like to make all clubs aware of the following change to the age rules related to our upcoming IGA Community Carnival (formely known as Lightning Carnival) which we hope will make it easier to bring your regular 'Saturday morning' teams:

Teams may play two (2) overage players, one age group up (according to TBAWA age groups) so long as both players are part of the named Saturday morning team. Overage players may not be borrowed from another team. Under 13 teams do not have this option as overage players in a under 13 team would fall outside TBAWA age restrictions.

Just to make sure: this applies to Lightning Carnival only and NOT to the State Championships.

From the Chief Umpire (10/10/2016)

Please be aware there is an error in the latest printed rulebook (version 5). The rule is 7.6, and states that catchers are to wear a wire face mask. This rule has not changed and the catcher is still to wear a 'batting' helmet as per previous years.

Upcoming Events

If you like to see your clubs upcoming event listed on the right please submit your event information to T.B.A.W.A. using the Event Notification form

2016 State Championships


Batting Cages

T.B.A.W.A. has two inflatable Batting Cages available for hire by member clubs for Tee-Ball promotional activities.
Information Sheet: Download
Hire Form: Download
For more information and bookings contact our property officer via e-mail on

Umpiring Level 1 video

Umpiring Level 1 Video

The Online Umpiring Level 2 Quiz is finally available again.

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An online calculator that lets you determine given a date of birth the appropriate age group for that player.


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